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Item type: Book       
Item name: An Innovative Approach to Holy History, 2nd Edition (smaller version)   
Item source: VanDenburgh, Elder John L.   
Item price: $4.00  Quantity:  

This book is the same Holy History book as the larger one listed here, however, this version does not have the statutes listed in the back of the book.  This smaller book is 81 pages, where the larger book is 134 due to the added statutes and comments in the back.  Note the difference in price.  (For ordering 25 or more, the price is $1.50 each plus tax/shipping.  Call for more information 877-475-1318)

This book explores the special oracles of God as opportune advantages in the process of becoming a clean and holy people fit for translation.  Read the description for the larger book with the same name for more information/description. 



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